Total Series Water Filtration

Total Series

Water Softening & Filtration System

The H2O Total Series Water Filtration System is custom designed and built to your water test results. It's multi-bed filtration process is designed to filter out chlorine, sediment, hardness, taste, and odor of the water in just a single pass through the system. The H2O Total Series provides better than bottled water at every faucet!

The H2O Total Series monitors how many gallons have flowed through and regenrates itself using salt or potassium to clean and re-energize itself only when needed. This durable system will produce long-lasting benefits that will change the way you use your water. Experiece a new lifestyle with the H2O Total Series Water Filtration System and remove all those unwanted contaminates from your water.

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  • Fast response with a great customer service attitude. Service after the sale is what you get!
  • Replaced a competitor’s system which by the way was installed backwards with a new Florida H2O system. Dan and Bud were outstanding. Professional and knowledgeable to their core. Went in detail about the new system. It was expertly and professionally installed. I couldn’t be more happy and totally satisfied with my new system. If you’re tired of shopping for solar salt and paying for overpriced filters, I highly recommend you call H2O Florida. Best decision I ever made.
  • We had several companies come out to test our water and give us a quote for a water filtration system. H2o Florida was the only company that gave us a professional water test. They used a computerized water testing system you would expect to see in a lab. The unit gave us a print out of our water test for us to review. Everyone else that performed a water test did so using drops and everyone was different in the results presented to us. We chose H2o Florida for the professionalism and they custom built a system for our water based on the test results. They were also the only company to show up in a company vehicle. We are thrilled with our new water filtration system and would recommend William and Dan with H2o Florida to everyone

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